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Oct. 7, 2013 Program Coordinators Update


Training opens for facilitators assisting with Resident Educator Summative Assessment (RESA)

Facilitators who will assist candidates taking the Resident Educator Summative Assessment (RESA) this year are required to complete a three-hour online training program that is now open. The department suggests facilitators take the training as soon as possible because it will help them prepare candidates for upcoming assessment tasks. It also will outline responsibilities facilitators will fulfill throughout the year, and describe tools available to support their efforts. Others associated with the Ohio Resident Educator program also may take the training.

Participants will need to log in to the training and set up an account. They also will need access to computer speakers, tools for note taking, and have reviewed the following information on the new RESA Web page: the Overview of RESA Task Structure and Submission Information, the RESA fact sheet, and the Best Practices: Instructional Cycle Conversations and Commentaries. Questions may be directed to


Be sure to register RESA candidates

Program coordinators must register all eligible resident educators in CORE each year he or she participates in the program. The registration period is now open through Nov. 15. We encourage program coordinators to register resident educators taking the RESA as soon as possible. Directions for registration are posted on the CORE Reporting Requirements section of the website.


Please remind RESA candidates to input and verify email addresses in SAFE

Program coordinators should make sure all RESA candidates have established or accessed their existing SAFE accounts and entered current email addresses. Teachscape, which is serving as a RESA vendor for the department, will contact candidates using these email addresses.

To create a new SAFE account online, a teacher will need his or her Ohio driver’s license or a state of Ohio identification number (available from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles). Those who do not have one of these forms of identification should allow a bit more time. They will find instructions within the account creation menu where to fax or mail another form of identification, which is required for setting up this secure account.

New resources online

On the new Resident Educator Summative Assessment Web page:

Overview information for all interested parties:

  • Overview of RESA Task Structure and Submission Information
  • Fact Sheet for RESA Candidates
  • Best Practices: Instructional Cycle Conversations and Commentaries (for REs taking the RESA)

For program coordinators and facilitators

  • Facilitation Training
  • Ohio Resident Educator Program Pathways to Completion

Additional resources

  • RESA Technology Requirements
  • Sample Video Release Form 

On the Year 3 Resources Web page for those NOT taking the RESA

  • Year 3 Instructional Cycles: Conversations and Commentaries


Here’s where to find Resident Educator Program information

The Resident Educator website continues to be a rich source of information for all aspects of the Resident Educator Program. Please visit the site often.


Contact Information

Resident Educator Program:

Office of Educator Licensure: 1 (877) 644-6338 or