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Ohio Resident Educator Program Coordinator Update: August 2013


Resident Educator Summative Assessment (RESA) is beginning

Because the RESA launch is concurrent with the start of the school year, candidates for this assessment can begin preparing right away by learning more about best practices in assessing student learning, instructional planning, self-assessment, observation and goal-setting. Click here to learn more about the options for year 3 of the program.

During year 3 of the Resident Educator Program, resident educators will take one of two paths. Most will begin the RESA, however, some may continue to deepen their understanding of teaching and learning in preparation to take the RESA in year 4. Program coordinators will indicate in the CORE registration that begins Sept. 1 whether or not eligible resident educators will take the RESA during the 2013-2014 school year.

Teachscape and the Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning and Equity are assisting the department in determining the final process and timeline for training assessors for RESA. You will be learning more about this later this month.


Encourage resident educators to create a SAFE account

As a first step for this school year, please be sure that all resident educators, particularly those who will take the RESA, have a SAFE account. To create a new SAFE account online, a teacher will need his or her Ohio driver’s license or a state of Ohio identification number (available from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles). Those who do not have one of these forms of identification should allow a bit more time. They will find instructions within the account creation menu where to fax or mail another form of identification, which is required for setting up this secure account.

Creating a SAFE account is the first step needed for accessing the Connected Ohio Records for Educators (CORE) system, where teachers should complete their Educator Profile. Having an email address within the profile is particularly important, because the department and Teachscape will be sending important communications to resident educators electronically.


Resident educator registration begins Sept. 1 in CORE

Program coordinators must register all eligible resident educators in CORE each year he or she participates in the program. The registration period is from Sept. 1 through Nov. 15. Directions for registration will be posted on the CORE Reporting Requirements section of the website by Aug. 30. As noted above, resident educators will need a SAFE account to access CORE.

Adding video authorization to parent forms will save time

At the start of each school year, most school districts ask parents to complete and sign a form regarding emergency contacts, use of directory information, and permission for student photographs to be used for education purposes. Please consider adding language and a signature block to this form for parents to authorize video recordings of their children, so that teachers can use video of classroom instruction to improve their performance. Obtaining this permission now will enable schools to have video taken of Resident Educators for the purpose of evaluating their teaching, and it will eliminate the need for another permission form. Sample language: I authorize the use of video recordings of my child (name) for the purpose of assessing teacher performance.

Training for facilitators to be next month

The online Facilitation Training for those individuals who will serve as RESA facilitators will be available in September. Program coordinators will be notified when that training is available. Share the Facilitation at a Glance guidance document with anyone who may serve in the facilitator role.

New mentors – please register for required training

Instructional Mentoring (IM) and Resident Educator-1 (RE-1) trainings are required for mentor certification. Registration for both trainings is now open through SAFE by accessing STARS. To find training dates, use “IM” and RE-1” in the keyword search option.

Resident Educator Program Web page

The Resident Educator website continues to be a rich source of information for all aspects of the Resident Educator Program. Please visit the site often.

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