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Ohio Resident Educator Program and summative assessment re-structured


As a result of feedback from educators throughout Ohio as well as an advisory group, the Department is restructuring the Ohio Resident Educator Program for this school year, including the program’s summative assessment. Beginning teachers with resident educator licenses take the Ohio Resident Educator Summative Assessment (RESA) in year three of the four-year program. These teachers become eligible for a professional teaching license once they pass RESA and complete four years of the program, including focused mentoring components and any local requirements.  

Feedback from Educators Shaped 2017-2018 RESA

After taking the previous assessment, many teachers said that the RESA task in which they reviewed videotapes of themselves delivering lessons was informative. However, they also believe we should reduce the assessment’s scope. As a result, the overall assessment will be cut by 75 percent. Rather than four tasks, test takers will now complete one task in which they will submit one videotaped lesson and answer 10 to 12 related questions. Program participants will work on some components previously in the RESA through local mentoring activities, including student assessment, communications, collaboration and professional growth. 

Understanding Next Steps

Resident educators who registered for RESA in previous years but have not passed all four tasks will receive a general email message from the Department, as well as an individualized message explaining any next steps needed for a professional license. These resident educators need to pass at least one task involving review of their videotaped lessons and participate in mentoring focused on any previous RESA tasks they as yet have not passed. We also will inform all resident educators about the revised program and assessment. The two flow charts below explain the steps resident educators will take. 

On the Horizon

Effective with the 2018-2019 school year, resident educators will have the option of taking RESA in year 2, or they may wait until year 3.  Taking the assessment in year 2 allows teachers to complete the state-level program requirements in two years and leaves only teaching and local activities for program years 3 and 4. 
We will provide more resources this year for all who are involved in the Resident Educator Program. We also value feedback from resident educators as well as mentors, principals and superintendents on all aspects of the program so that we may continually make improvements. Please send your comments and questions to