Ohio Department of Education Topic News

Public districts may now request Resident Educator Program funding


Program coordinators for the Ohio Resident Educator Program at any Ohio public school district may now submit reimbursement requests for funds that have supported their local programs. The maximum funding amount is $350 for each first-year resident educator working in a public district, chartered community school, educational service center, career center or joint vocational school. The funds, which may not be allocated to private preschool or chartered nonpublic organizations, will come from the Ohio Department of Education’s Race to the Top administrative dollars.

Resident educator funds may be used to support mentor training, mentor stipends and/or professional development for resident educators, mentors, principals and program coordinators. Please note that this is the last year these funds will be available.

A program coordinator must have his or her role designated in the Ohio Educational Directory System – R (OEDS-R) to initiate a funding request for reimbursement of expenditures (see your district OEDS-R administrator if your role is not yet assigned). A funding request is a three-step process that must be completed by June 30. The directions for submitting requests and accessing these funds are available here.

Please note that the funding codes for expenditures that tap these funds are: CFDA – 84.395, and USAS – 506. Districts and schools that currently receive local Race to the Top funding should use these codes and keep the resident educator funding separate from other grant funding. A treasurer at a district or school that does not receive Race to the Top funding must set up an account to receive the resident educator funding and have it approved per their local policies. These districts also are to use the CFDA – 84.395 and USAS – 506 funding codes.