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RESA candidates are to contact Teachscape by April 5 to correct any video segmentation errors


RESA candidates have received information from Teachscape regarding videos for Task 1 that were submitted for scoring, but were segmented incorrectly and cannot be scored.

If Teachscape finds such videos, they will contact candidates to provide an opportunity to correct segmentation errors. However, they do not have the time nor capacity to review every video before assessors are given Task 1 assignments to score. For this reason, candidates should please contact the RESA Help Desk before April 5 if they believe that in a submitted video for Tasks 1 or 3, they may have created:

  • More than two segments from a single class;
  • Segments that are not at least two minutes in length;
  • Segments that total more than 15 minutes in length;
  • Segments from more than one class session.

Candidates may contact the Teachscape Help Desk at or at 1 (855) 538-8634, Monday through Friday from 2-10 pm EST. Requests for review submitted after April 5 will not be honored, and there will not be an appeal process with the Ohio Department of Education.

Teachscape staff will review a submitted video upon receipt. If they agree that there is improper segmentation or length, they will work with the candidate to correct it because this is new technology and the first year of implementation. If the review concludes that the video is scorable as is, the submission will not be unlocked or modified.

Candidates: Please Review Reasons for Disqualifying Videos

As stated in the RESA Handbook, Candidate FAQs and within the submission system software, the following issues will disqualify video task submissions from being scored:

  • Video Segmentation (Handbook: pps. 14, 46, 85-87; and all video questions in the FAQ): Videos with more than two segments cannot be scored. Candidates must upload unedited classroom videos for Tasks 1 and 3. Candidates must use Teachscape's segmenting tool to select their segments for review. Under no circumstances can the candidates submit edited videos.
  • Personal Information Issue (Handbook: pgs. 54, 88; FAQ): Candidates are prohibited from using the full names of either students or parents in their instructional evidence submissions and in their video submissions. First names only are fine.
  • Audio: Videos with no audio, partial audio or incomprehensible audio will not be scored.