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September 2013 Program Coordinator Update


Teachers with prior teaching experience may be eligible for credit
Teachers who are eligible to participate in Year 1 of the Resident Educator Program and who have prior teaching experience may be granted credit by their employer for one or two years toward completion of the Resident Educator Program. New this year, program coordinators will be able to enter credit for new Year 1 resident educators directly in the CORE registration system. If a beginning teacher already has completed one or two years in the Ohio Resident Educator program, but may be eligible for additional credit outside of the program, please contact the resident educator team at for further guidance. Directions for entering credit are included in the CORE Registration directions located here. Learn more about credit toward the Resident Educator Program here.


Encourage resident educators to create their SAFE accounts
Now is a good time to ask resident educators, particularly those who will take the RESA, to set up their Safe Access for Educators (SAFE) accounts and to complete their Educator Profiles within SAFE. For RESA candidates, it is particularly important to have completed profiles with email addresses in the system because the department and Teachscape will be sending them important communications electronically. Those with SAFE accounts also may register for professional development programs in STARS.

To create a new SAFE account online, a teacher will need his or her Ohio driver’s license or a state of Ohio identification number (available from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles). Those who do not have one of these forms of identification should allow a bit more time. They will find instructions within the account creation menu about where to fax or mail another form of identification, which is required for setting up this secure account.

Once their SAFE accounts are set up, teachers can access the Connected Ohio Records for Educators (CORE) system and complete their Educator Profiles.


Training for facilitators to be next month
The online Facilitation Training for those individuals who will serve as RESA facilitators will be available in October. Program coordinators will be notified when that training is available. Share the Facilitation at a Glance guidance document with anyone who may serve as a facilitator.

How to get started on the Resident Educator Summative Assessment (RESA)
Because the RESA launch is this fall, this year’s candidates can begin preparing during the next two months by reviewing and engaging in best practices related to assessing student learning, instructional planning, self-assessment, observation and goal-setting. These activities are described here on the Year 3 timeline and in the Year 2 Formative Progress Review Template.

In mid-September, candidates will receive more information about the RESA. In October, an executive summary of the RESA handbook will be available. Resident educators will receive a link to the full handbook in time to register for their accounts and begin their first task in November.


New resources

New mentors – please register for required training
Instructional Mentoring (IM) and Resident Educator-1 (RE-1) trainings are required for mentor certification. Registration for both trainings is now open through SAFE by accessing STARS. To find training dates, use the abbreviations IM or RE-1 in the keyword search option.


Here’s where to find Resident Educator Program information
The Resident Educator website continues to be a rich source of information for all aspects of the Resident Educator Program. Please visit the site often.

Contact Information
Resident Educator Program:
Office of Educator Licensure: 1 (877) 644-6338 or