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Nov. 8, 2013 Update for Resident Educator Program Coordinators: RESA begins Nov. 11; register for Nov. 18-19 network meetings and Nov. 22 co-teaching training



Resident Educator Summative Assessment (RESA) begins Monday, Nov. 11

Candidates for the Resident Educator Summative Assessment (RESA) will receive an invitation to register at when the window for Task 1 opens on Monday, Nov. 11. Once that registration is complete, candidates can begin submitting their Task 1 materials.

Please note that the email will come from and will be sent only to those resident educators who are registered in CORE as taking the RESA this year. The RESA does not apply to first- or second-year resident educators who are NOT taking the RESA this year.

If some of your teachers do not receive their registration emails from Teachscape, please verify that you completed their registration in CORE. In addition, please ask these individuals to check their spam or junk email folders for the message, and let you know whether they entered a correct email address in their SAFE accounts. If the message has not been received, please send the registration issue and related questions to You also may send questions about submitting forms and evidence to this email address. Additional information about the RESA can be found at

Questions related to teaching licenses, RESA eligibility or the resident educator program should be sent to the Ohio Department of Education at Candidates also can find information on the department’s RESA Web page.

Register now for Nov. 18-19 Program Coordinator Network meetings

The department will host a day-long meeting on Monday, Nov. 18 at the Mid-Ohio Education Center in Mansfield and on Tuesday, Nov. 19 at OCLC in Dublin. Choose from one of the two meetings, where you will learn from department staff and network with other program coordinators about implementing the Ohio Resident Educator Program. Register by logging into your SAFE account, accessing STARS and searching for keywords: PC network.

RESA Handbook is now available

The Ohio Resident Educator Summative Assessment Handbook is now available at Please note that the handbook will not be printed and mailed to candidates and that this website will be the source for the most current information on the Resident Educator Summative Assessment. It also will serve as the website where assessment candidates submit their tasks and assessors evaluate those submissions.

The handbook describes in detail each of the five tasks candidates must complete between Nov. 11, 2013 and May 15, 2014. It provides specific directions on how to complete each task, includes a glossary of defined terms and reference materials, and defines how each task will be scored and the rubrics to be used to evaluate candidates’ performances.

Please remember Nov. 15 deadline for registering all resident educators

Program coordinators must register all eligible resident educators in CORE each year he or she participates in the program. The registration period closes Nov. 15. Directions for registration are posted on the CORE Reporting Requirements section of the website.

Nov. 22 advanced training to focus on co-teaching

The department is offering a day-long professional development program on co-teaching strategies, in which multiple teachers share teaching responsibilities within the same physical space. To be held on Friday, Nov. 22 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Ashland University’s satellite campus in Columbus, the session is considered advanced training recommended for educators serving as mentors in the Ohio Resident Educator program.

Open to all educators, the training also is well suited to those involved in pre-service education and in any classroom that would benefit from the many collaborative approaches that will be explored. Register in STARS through your SAFE account by searching for keywords: Advanced Mentor Training. The cost is $85.