Timeline and Resources - Year 3 Perform

For Year 3, Resident Educators focus on demonstration of teacher performance for the purpose of advancing to the five-year professional license.

As Resident Educators deepen their understanding of teaching and learning and demonstrate their proficiency, they will take one of two paths:

  1. Prepare for and take the Resident Educator Summative Assessment (RESA); or
  2. Continue to work toward proficiency in the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession in Year 3 in preparation to take the RESA in Year 4.

Resident Educators who do not take RESA in Year 3 will use the year to hone their skills and be formatively assessed at the end of the year through the Year 3 Formative Progress Review. Resident Educators who take RESA in Year 3 demonstrate their proficiency during the year through completion of the Resident Educator Summative Assessment.

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