Resident Educator Program

Program Overview 

The Ohio Resident Educator Program began in 2011, and has evolved to a comprehensive multi-year induction program, resulting in Professional Licensure with successful completion of the program and RESA. The Ohio Resident Educator Program can be envisioned as the first years of a journey or the first steps on a path of continued professional learning, leading educators to more effective practices and excellence in teaching. While the purposes of each continue to differ: licensure (RE) and evaluation (OTES) the program is designed to fit alongside with the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES), making with clear linkages and connections between the two. 

Resident Educator Program Orientation

The following presentation provides an orientation to the Ohio Resident Educator Program.  It includes important information about the roles and responsibilities of all program participants such as Resident Educators, instructional mentors, program coordinators, principals, and RESA facilitators.  

Ohio Resident Educator Program Orientation Presentation 2015-2016

Program Revisions Beginning 2015-2016 
Fact Sheet - Program Revisions

We’ve been listening! Over the first four years of implementation, with the participation of over 1,700 schools, over 21,000 resident educators and over 10,000 mentors, we’ve been able to observe the program as it is working. We’ve received valuable feedback from stakeholders—resident educators, mentors, principals, and program coordinators. We’ve engaged in an extensive external evaluation process.

We’ve heard that:

  • The program has value and is a critical investment for schools.
  • Resident Educators and Mentors develop supportive relationships.
  • Program tools, like the Collaborative Logs, are helpful to Resident Educators and Mentors.
  • Both Resident Educators and Mentors feel that their practice improves as a result of the program.
  • Program Coordinator support correlates with success on the performance-based summative assessment.

But, we have also heard that:

  • The program might look different in different places.
  • Too many resources and tools can make it confusing to determine what is recommended.
  • Participants would like to see more clearly how the Resident Educator program (vision, goals, and processes) links with other critical state education initiatives (like the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System).

As a result, beginning in 2015-2016, participants and stakeholders in the Resident Educator Program will see updates such as:

A flexible program that allows for more local decision making
Clearer and streamlined set of tools and resources
Clear alignment between the Resident Educator Program and the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System









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