Resident Educator Program Overview

The Ohio Resident Educator program is a four-year induction program that provides ongoing support to Ohio’s new teachers throughout their residency.

Year 2 Planning

Guidance to help program coordinators and school administrators plan for the type(s) of Year 2 professional development their district will provide to Resident Educators

Year 2 PD Planning: Below is the recorded presentation for Year 2 Professional Development Planning.

Year 3 and 4 Planning

Purpose: This guide will assist Resident Educator program coordinators and school administrators plan for the implementation of the Ohio Resident Educator Program for Resident Educators in years 3 and 4.

Teaching and Learning Cycle

Teaching Learning Cycle Graphic

Program Evaluation

The Ohio Resident Educator Program provides quality mentoring and guidance to accelerate the professional growth of Ohio’s new teachers. One of the components of Ohio’s comprehensive system of evaluation of the Ohio Resident Educator Program is the External Evaluation, administered by Miami University, the University of Cincinnati and Ohio University.  The External Evaluation’s four primary foci include (1) Fidelity and compliance, (2) Quality and effectiveness, (3) Influence and impact, and (4) Scale-up and sustainability. The evaluation team provides the following:

Interim reports (twice a year) and impact report (yearly) that addresses goals of the RE program
Feedback to IHEs to inform areas of strength and program improvements
Recommendations for program improvement, training and professional development needs

The following links provide the Executive Summary and Full Report of the Year 3 Annual Evaluation Report (September 2014)


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