Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to participate in the Ohio Resident Educator Program, beginning teachers must:

  • Hold a valid resident educator license or alternative resident educator license of any type, or a one‐year out of state educator license.
  • Be employed by an ODE‐chartered educational entity, ODE or ODJFS licensed pre‐school, Ohio correctional facility or a private educational agency located in Ohio;
Required Eligible (Not Required) Not Eligible
  • Chartered school districts
  • Chartered community schools
  • Chartered non-public schools
  • State supported schools with special purposes
    • Ohio Department of Development Disabilities
    • Ohio School for the Deaf
    • Ohio School for the Blind
    • Department of Youth Services
  • Private pre-schools
  • Adult corrections facilities
  • Non-chartered non-public schools
  • Teach at least two classes or .25 FTE in their area of licensure or in the area in which the
    teacher holds a supplemental teaching license.
  • Be responsible for planning and delivering standards‐based, preK‐12 curriculum to students
    and evaluating their progress.
  • Work 120 days as defined by Ohio Revised Code.
  • Be assigned an ODE‐certified, trained mentor by their employer.

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