Program Benefits

Improved Teacher Effectiveness

The Ohio Resident Educator Program provides new teachers support beginning with a mentor and extending to additional professional support during their first years of teaching. This residency period helps Resident Educators:

  • Develop additional skills beyond those learned in pre-service to help them become successful members of the teaching profession.
  • Collaborate with professional colleagues in structured protocols that focus on continuous improvement in their teaching practices.
  • Analyze their teaching practice using ongoing formative assessment feedback and suggestions for professional growth from a trained mentor.
  • Receive ongoing, job-embedded, professional development focused on helping them achieve proficiency in their instructional and assessment practices.
  • Reduce the stress that comes with starting a new career through a systemic program of professional support.
  • Ensure their teaching practices are based on the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession.
  • Prepare for future district/school leadership opportunities.

Improved Student Learning

The Ohio Resident Educator Program provides new teachers with opportunities to reflect on how their instruction and assessment practices impact student learning. This system of support will help Resident Educators:

  • Reflect on teaching practices and set goals for improvement that will promote improved student learning.
  • Learn effective teaching strategies from their mentors and reflect on their own strategies with a focus on improved student learning.
  • Create optimum learning environments for improved student achievement.
  • Reflect on and analyze student data and make decisions on appropriate interventions that maximize student learning.
  • Learn how to strategically use school and district resources to accelerate student learning.

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