For Principals

The Principal supports the Resident Educator and mentor by creating a positive climate for mentoring and providing protected time and resources for mentoring and other residency activities.

Timeline Resources

Summer and Fall Steps

  1. Identify/assign Coordinator-Resident Educator role in the Ohio Educational Directory System (OEDS)
  2. Work with program coordinators to select and assign certified mentors
  3. Ensure new mentors attend state training

Winter and Spring Steps

  1. Ensure program coordinators complete end-of -year program requirements in CORE by June 30
  2. Support program coordinator, Resident Educator, and Mentor in completing Year 1, 2, and 3 FPR as applicable
  3. RESA Completion

Year Long Steps

  1. Provide time for mentor-Resident Educator collaboration
  2. Provide opportunities for reciprocal observations between mentor and Resident Educator and Resident Educator and exemplary veteran teachers

Requirements for supporting Resident Educators Years 1-4

Orientation Resources

Program coordinators must ensure that all Resident Educators view this presentation, which provides information about the roles and responsibilities of mentors, principals and Resident Educators.

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