Program Coordinator Network

  • Spring PC Network Meeting May 2015
    This PowerPoint provides an introduction to the Program Coordinator Network Meeting general session.
  • 2015 RE Program Enhancements
    This document provides a brief overview of program enhancements. The Department will address these key areas in mentor trainings, PC Network meetings, and support materials provided on the Resident Educator Program website. Check back for these updates as they occur during spring and summer 2015. Note that no change will affect the current school year cycle: all enhancements will apply for the 2015-2016 school year and beyond.
  • Six Things You Can Do Now to Prepare for REs in Fall 2015
    This document gives suggestions for activities, processes, and communication needs that program coordinators might consider in planning for the 2015-2016 program year.
  • Ohio RESA Program Coordinator End-of-Year Update
    This link provides access to the information provided by Educopia regarding 2014-2015 submission results, key tasks for Program Coordinators, a discussion on RESA design and scoring, and forthcoming enhancements to the RESA user experience.
  • Navigating Performance Assessments
    This PowerPoint was used during one of the 2015 Spring PC Network breakout sessions to develop a deeper understanding of performance assessments and their purposes, to make connections between mentoring years to performance years, and to identify and understand the difference between licensure and evaluation.
  • Resident Educator Program Evaluation Update 2015
    This PowerPoint provides an overview of the entire evaluation progress including what we are learning and effective practices of local program planning and implementation.



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