CORE Reporting Requirements

Program Coordinators use the Connected Ohio Records for Educators (CORE) to plan, implement, and report on the Resident Educator Program each school year. Program coordinators must have the Coordinator-Resident Educator role in the Ohio Educational Directory System (OEDS) to access the CORE registration system.  The CORE registration system is used to report each Resident Educator’s participation and completion for each program year. Each Resident Educator (RE) must be registered and have end of year completion criteria entered in CORE each year he or she participates in the program. The CORE Resident Educator Reporting Directions 2014 provide step by step directions and screen shots for all necessary reporting needs. The reporting periods are as follows:


Resident Educator Registration (September 1 to November 15)

Resident Educators must hold a Resident Educator license, an alternative Resident Educator license of any type or a one-year out-of-state license to be registered. Program coordinators can register Resident Educators in CORE beginning September 1 through November 15. As part of the Resident Educator registration, program coordinators must also select the name and/or state ID of the Resident Educator’s mentor from the state’s licensure database.


End of Year Reporting (June 1 to June 30)

Program coordinators are required to provide confirmation in CORE that all program requirements have or have not been completed by June 30 of each school year.


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