Resident Educator Program Update

Resident Educator Program Update

How is the Ohio Resident Educator Program changing?


As a result of feedback from educators throughout Ohio as well as an advisory group, the Ohio Department of Education has restructured the Ohio Resident Educator Program, including the program’s summative assessment. If you missed the email message regarding these changes, see this news item.

The restructured Ohio Resident Educator Program continues to be a multi-year induction program leading to professional licensure upon completion of the Resident Educator Summative Assessment (RESA) and the new program requirements. Local districts/schools will be playing an even more vital role in the implementation of focused mentoring and support to new teachers, which will provide them with purposeful feedback. 

Resident educators entering the Resident Educator Program for the first time or taking RESA for the first time during the 2017-2018 school year will have an updated pathways to completion chart explaining the requirements for successfully completing the Ohio Resident Educator Program.  

  • The Resident Educator Program continues to use instructional mentoring and reflective practices that will support and promote professional practices as its foundation. 
  • Mentoring continues to be the focus of Years 1 and 2. 
  • During the multiple years of residency, teachers will be completing the steps outlined below.
Year-by-Year Program Activities

Year 1 Resident educators will work with a mentor to use the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System Self-Assessment Form as a tool for establishing professional growth plan goals. This allows resident educators to use required tools for both the Resident Educator Program and the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES). 
  • During this first year, mentors will be leading resident educators in an instructional mentoring exploration of the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession and the teaching and learning cycle.
  • Local districts/schools will determine focused mentoring activities and protocols that mentors will lead to provide growth in the areas of communication, collaboration and professional development (formerly RESA task 4). 
Year 2 Resident Educators will use the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System self-assessment process for establishing professional growth goals. 
  • Resident educators and mentors will participate in instructional mentoring that will focus on planning and delivering standards-based lessons, evaluating student progress and effectively using formative and summative assessment based on the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession. 
  • Local districts/schools will determine focused mentoring activities and protocols for evaluating student progress.  This will include the use of formative and summative assessments. Analyzing student work through formative and summative assessment provides the information necessary for teachers to differentiate instruction based on students’ individual needs (formerly RESA task 2).
With the support of mentors during the first two years of the program, resident educators will have systematically and continually engaged in inquiry and reflection as they progress through the teaching and learning cycle.

Year 3 Resident Educators will participate in RESA.  This provides participants the opportunity to demonstrate the skills mastered while completing the restructured 2017-2018 Resident Educator Summative Assessment (RESA). Please note the following points about the summative assessment:  
  • RESA takers will need to successfully complete one video submission demonstrating the ability to consistently teach a lesson of significant content.
  • RESA takers will respond to prompts about the video submission that will require them to analyze their planning, lesson content decisions, and reflect on the overall success of the lesson.
  • Districts/schools will have the option to exempt first-time RESA takers from the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System during that school year. 
  • Dates for the submission of the RESA will be announced soon. 
  • RESA candidates work with a facilitator.
Year 4 Resident Educators must be registered for the fourth year of the program.  Resident Educators could be involved in a variety of professional activities, based on local district/school policies and procedures. 
  • RESA takers who were successful in passing RESA in year 3 must be registered in the Ohio Resident Educator Program and participate in any locally determined program activities.  
  • Resident educators who were unsuccessful on the RESA in year 3 will retake the RESA. 
  • Local districts/schools will provide focused mentoring and feedback to support teachers who will complete the Resident Educator Program requirements through focused mentoring activities. 
  • The focused mentoring and level of support will be determined by the local district/school.  
The Department will post updates and FAQs on the Resident Educator webpages soon. We also value feedback from resident educators, mentors, facilitators, principals and superintendents on all aspects of the program so that we may continue to make improvements. Please send comments and questions to