Resident Educator Program Update

Resident Educator Program Update

Resident Educator Summative Assessment (RESA)


Educopia released the 2017-2018 Ohio RESA guidebook on Sept.15 and held a webinar outlining the streamlined assessment the following week. You may download the guidebook and view the webinar from the resources section of the Educopia website at

The week of Oct. 16, Educopia will begin sending onboarding emails to eligible registered resident educators for the 2017-2018 Resident Educator Summative Assessment (RESA). Once RESA participants receive this email they may log in and complete their profiles on the Educopia website. Please note: resident educators must have current email addresses in their SAFE accounts to receive this information.

The Educopia help desk will be open until Nov. 22 and will reopen on Jan. 2. During the holiday season, RESA participants, program coordinators or facilitators may still email or call the help desk, but they will have a delay before receiving a response. We highly recommend that resident educators access their RESA accounts, complete their profiles and download the templates before the help desk closes in November.

A second year resident educator with prior credit who wishes to take the RESA should confer with his or her program coordinator and mentor. To take the RESA, the program coordinator will need to register the resident educator as a RESA taker and assign a facilitator. After the registration window closes, a registered RESA candidate cannot opt for registration removal. If the teacher makes no RESA submissions in that school year, he or she will receive a “not passed” score and the registration will count as a RESA attempt.