For Resident Educators

The Ohio Resident Educator Program is a four-year induction system of support and mentoring for new teachers. Successful completion of the residency program is required to qualify for a five-year professional educator license.

Timeline Resources

Summer and Fall Steps

  1. Attend Resident Educator Orientation at school or district (locally determined)

Winter and Spring Steps

  1. Complete Year 1 Formative Progress Review (April-June)
  2. Complete Year 2 Formative Progress Review (Feb. – June)

Year Long Steps

  1. Actively participate in professional collaborative conversations
  2. Use state-designed formative assessment tools, protocols, and processes as explained by mentor
  3. Maintain completed formative assessment tools

* Years 3 or 4 will include a performance-based, summative assessment.

Requirements for supporting Resident Educators Years 1-4

More Questions?

Read the Resident Educator frequently asked questions.

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