Suggested Year 4 Teacher Leadership Activities

Year 4 REs will participate in 3 teacher leadership activities.
Suggestions for teacher leadership opportunities include but are not limited to the list below.

Resident Educators will choose one activity from each of the following 3 categories:

Deepening Content Expertise

  1. Create and teach an interdisciplinary unit
  2. Assume and document a leadership role in a department team; teacher-based team; or data team
  3. Complete National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Take One!

Collegial Professional Explorations

  1. Organize and participate in a lesson study with at least one colleague
  2. Organize and conduct a professional book study with at least one colleague
  3. Co-teach with a Year 1 or 2 Resident Educator
  4. Formally meet with their Local Professional Development Committee to learn about the expectations and responsibilities of professional licensure; learn about the processes and requirements of the LPDC; and consider the professional goals they will establish for their Individual Professional Development Plan

Teacher Leadership

  1. Lead a school academic initiative (e.g. day to celebrate famous people or events)
  2. Lead a school initiative to enhance the community (e.g. celebrate local veterans; collect contributions for charity; organize visits to community centers)
  3. Organize or assist in a student academic competition at the school or district level
  4. Organize and facilitate a special day to engage families and caregivers in student learning opportunities
  5. Assist a state-trained mentor in supporting a Resident Educator cohort
  6. Begin the process for National Board for the Professional Teaching Standards certification
  7. Serve as a peer observer
  8. Model instruction for year 1 or 2 REs

Documentation of these activities will not be sent to ODE. At the end of Year 4, Program Coordinators will indicate in the CORE system that Year 4 REs have completed their requirements. Upon passing RESA and completing all Year 4 teacher leadership requirements, Resident Educators will apply for the 5-year professional license.


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