Suggested Teacher Leadership Activities

Resident educators who have successfully passed the RESA and are in their final year of residency are encourage to engage in optional leadership explorations and opportunities.  

An online module titled Learn to Lead is available for free to engage your exploration and thinking about leadership.  

Suggestions for teacher leadership opportunities include but are not limited to the list in the three categories below.

Deepening Content Expertise

  1. Create and teach an interdisciplinary unit
  2. Assume and document a leadership role in a department team; teacher-based team; or data team
  3. Complete National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Take One!

Collegial Professional Explorations

  1. Organize and participate in a lesson study with at least one colleague
  2. Organize and conduct a professional book study with at least one colleague
  3. Co-teach with a Year 1 or 2 Resident Educator
  4. Formally meet with their Local Professional Development Committee to learn about the expectations and responsibilities of professional licensure; learn about the processes and requirements of the LPDC; and consider the professional goals they will establish for their Individual Professional Development Plan

Teacher Leadership

  1. Lead a school academic initiative (e.g. day to celebrate famous people or events)
  2. Lead a school initiative to enhance the community (e.g. celebrate local veterans; collect contributions for charity; organize visits to community centers)
  3. Organize or assist in a student academic competition at the school or district level
  4. Organize and facilitate a special day to engage families and caregivers in student learning opportunities
  5. Assist a state-trained mentor in supporting a Resident Educator cohort
  6. Begin the process for National Board for the Professional Teaching Standards certification
  7. Serve as a peer observer
  8. Model instruction for year 1 or 2 REs

Documentation of these activities will not be sent to ODE. At the end of Year 4, Program Coordinators will indicate in the CORE system that Year 4 REs have completed their requirements. Upon passing RESA and completing all Year 4 teacher leadership requirements, Resident Educators will apply for the 5-year professional license.


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