The Assessment Year(s)


Understanding the Assessment

The assessment used for the Ohio Resident Educator Program is known as the Resident Educator Summative Assessment, or RESA. The assessment is summative in nature and consists of four performance-based tasks that require Resident Educators to demonstrate reflection and decision making of their instructional practices.

The assessment is administered by Educopia, a partner in education for the state of Ohio. To learn more specific information regarding the assessment such as task details, scoring information, support and feedback, please visit the following links:

Taking the Assessment

Current Ohio Revised Code 3319.223 (as of 9/29/2015) states that Resident Educators who are eligible for participation in Ohio’s Resident Educator Program must take the assessment during their third year of the program. Resident Educators who have been granted prior teaching credit become eligible to take the assessment in their second year of the program, however, they may elect to wait until the third year to take it. 

Resident Educators who are not successful at passing all four tasks on the first attempt of the assessment are required to retake deficient portions in the following year of the program. For those Resident Educators who are not successful after the three allowed RESA attempts, any Resident Educator or Alternative Resident Educator license held by the Resident Educator will expire and the Resident Educator will be ineligible for one year for each of the following:

  • Advancement of a Resident Educator and/or Alternative Resident Educator license to a professional license;
  • Renewal or extension of a Resident Educator and/or Alternative Resident Educator license; and 
  • A one-year interim license                                                                                                  

A Resident Educator who failed a third RESA attempt but seeks to become eligible to advance to a professional license must complete during the “remediation” year a minimum of three semester hours of coursework and supervised field experiences and/or clinical experiences at a college or university approved for educator preparation. Resident Educators should work with an institution of higher education to determine appropriate coursework that addresses the identified areas for growth based upon their RESA score report. For more information about this process please go here.

Preparing for the Assessment

Resident Educators taking the summative assessment have completed instructional mentoring in the program. During this time, the Resident Educator received tailored support geared toward improving teacher reflection and decision making in classroom instruction. These skills help a Resident Educator prepare for the type of performance-based tasks they are expected to demonstrate on the RESA.

Support during the Assessment Year(s)

During the year(s) in which a Resident Educator is taking the assessment, he/she will be partnered with a facilitator. The facilitator will work with the Resident Educator to assist them through the process of completing the assessment. For more details about the role of a facilitator, please visit the following:

  • For Facilitators
  • Appropriate Support of Facilitators
  • RESA Facilitator Training
  • To access RESA Facilitator Training, please go to your Ohio Department of Education SAFE account at https;// Once you are signed into you SAFE account, choose Learning Management System and click on ok for "navigating to an external application". This will bring you to the department's Learning Management System (LMS). You may then choose this course from the Course Catalog.

Additional Assessment Year(s) Resources and Tools

For questions about accessing the RESA submission system or submitting forms and evidence, please contact:

RESA Help Desk
Toll-free: (855) 538-8634  (M-F, 2-10 p.m. Eastern)

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