Mentor Video Series

The Resident Educator Program Mentor video series “Guidance for Instructional Mentors in Ohio’s Resident Educator Program: Tools and Program Shifts” was developed to assist instructional Mentors and Program Coordinators with the design, implementation and expectations of the mentoring years. The video series can provide mentors with ideas and suggestions for tailored activities for their Resident Educators based on the program guidelines and expectations.  

The video series includes four videos. To view an individual section, please click below:

Districts may utilize the video series as needed to support instructional mentoring in the Resident Educator Program. Viewing the video series collaboratively with other mentors will provide an opportunity for reflective conversations that can enhance the learning experience.

The video series comes with an optional handout designed to be a tool for guiding reflection during the videos. In addition, your local professional development committee can use this handout as evidence of completion to earn up to three contact hours. Please speak with your local professional development committee chair for information regarding earning credit for this activity.

It is also recommended to have the following resources in print form while watching the video series:

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