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Key Updates

On August 3, 2015, FEA Ohio became Educators Rising Ohio (EdRising Ohio), in alignment with the re-branding of the national organization. While the name and logo have change, our mission remains the same.

Some of the key changes that occurred with the rebranding are:

  • Advisors are now referred to as 'Teacher Leaders'
  • Students will be referred to as 'rising educators'
  • The fee structure has changed (See the Membership Registration form for more details)
  • The Annual State Conference will be extended to two days
  • The national Educators Rising website offers more tools, resources, and support for local chapters, including a new Virtual Campus, aimed at providing on-going, long-term support for students as they transition into the teaching profession.

Full details of this change can be found here.


Update: 9/2/2015

The Membership registration/renewal form is now available. Chapters must submit this form to register with Educators Rising Ohio by 12/4/2015.


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