Tools for Teachers

Tools for Teachers

New and experienced mentors may sign up for training sessions


The 2014 schedule of required trainings is now beginning for educators who are interested in becoming certified mentors for the Ohio Resident Educator program. Experienced mentors looking for more tools and resources for working with beginning teachers will benefit from the advanced mentor training that is offered as well.

To qualify for consideration as a mentor, candidates must have taught for five years, with some of this teaching during the last five years. They also must have a five-year professional license or two-year provisional license that has been renewed two or more times. School districts conduct an application and selection process for mentors. Those who are selected must complete two courses: Instructional Mentoring Revised and Resident Educator – 1 Mentor Training.

In the fall, districts match new teachers with certified mentors who provide them with support and professional development during the first years of teaching. For more information on specific expectations for mentors, see the department’s website, including the Mentor Standards section under the Additional Resources heading. Also, more information about How to Become a Mentor is online as well.

Register for the training in STARS through your SAFE account.