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Educator licensure process going paperless Jan. 1


Because the process for submitting and approving all educator licensure applications (initial licenses or renewals) is moving to a completely paperless system as of Jan. 1, any paper applications must be received by Dec. 31 to be processed. Thereafter, applicants and authorized electronic signers must complete the process online through My Educator Profile, the Ohio Department of Education’s online licensure application system.

Teachers may already complete the license application process online if: a) they have a SAFE account to access CORE and My Educator Profile and b) if the individuals designated to approve applications are registered as electronic application signers. Search for those who already have signed up as e-signers using this search function in CORE. If your signer is not yet signed up, you may start the application and save it. Once the e-signer is registered, you may submit the application online.

Depending upon your licensure request, your authorized application e-signer may be a superintendent, a local professional development committee coordinator, an education dean at a college or university, or a designee for a person serving in one of these roles.

Your local professional development committee (LPDC) needs to have taken several steps so they can approve five-year professional license renewals online. If the committee has not already done so, they should follow the online instructions to properly register the LPDC as a unique organization with its own IRN. The LPDC coordinator or coordinator-designee also must sign up as an e-signer, and you can determine if they have done so using the search function in CORE’s Educator Profile.

For more information, see the department’s website here.