Tools for Teachers

Tools for Teachers

Elementary school teachers: Wondering what Ohio’s New Learning Standards look like in kindergarten and first grade?


Check out two new modules that will help you transition to more rigorous standards using formative instructional practices:  

  • FIP in Action: Math, Grade 1 Problem-Solving – Adding Three Numbers

Learn how Mrs. Rose uses formative instructional practices to teach new standards to first graders. You’ll learn how she shares student-friendly learning targets, helps students assess their progress, and provide intervention feedback that guides students in the right direction, but still allows them to take ownership of their learning.

  • FIP in Action: English Language Arts, Kindergarten – Opinion Writing

Learn how Mrs. Davis and five of her students use formative instructional practices as they work on writing opinions at various times. During the first part of the school year, you’ll see how Mrs. Davis introduces her learners to the concept of forming opinions. A few months later, she engages learners in dictating their opinions to her about books. Finally, in the final quarter, the learners practice writing their opinions about books.

Learn more or enroll in these modules on the FIP Your School Ohio website.