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Tools for Teachers

ODE recommends teachers practice this year writing SLOs


Recent calls and social media inquiries to ODE suggest that many teachers are confused about when they have to begin writing Student Learning Objectives, one form of student growth measure being used in the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System.

Contrary to rumor, ODE is not requiring that all teachers write at least one Student Learning Objective before the end of this school year. Writing of SLOs is required only for teachers in RttT districts and SIG districts whose plans call for implementing SLOs in the classroom in this school year. Staff of RttT districts may contact their RttT regional coordinator’s office to see if their specific LEA is part of this early implementation group.

ODE does recommend, however, that every teacher write a Student Learning Objective this year, simply to gain practice in the SLO development process. When OTES is fully implemented in Ohio, the majority of teachers will be using SLOs as a student growth measure. The best time to practice is now.