Tools for Teachers

Tools for Teachers

Start Talking! offers teaching resources adaptable for many grades


Because children who talk with their parents, teachers and other authority figures about drugs are 50 percent less likely to use them, the new statewide initiative titled Start Talking! is providing communication tools through the Know! program to help with these short but important conversations.

On the campaign website, you can sign up to receive TEACHable Moments, which are free, one-page guides to help with brief, anti-drug discussions in the classroom – or as handouts for parents. As the guides are released, the Ohio Department of Education is posting them in the Latest News box here. Adaptable for many age groups, these guides are primarily targeted toward middle school students to help prevent first use of drugs and alcohol. The articles also address tobacco use, teen dating violence and other risky behaviors.

Your school may wish to host a Parents360 Rx education program, which was developed by the Partnership at to increase parents’ knowledge and confidence in their abilities to speak with teens about substance abuse, particularly prescription drugs. The Start Talking! website offers a toolkit to guide program development and discussion during a parent assembly.