Tools for Teachers

Tools for Teachers

As school closes, here’s a discussion topic of interest to students


No doubt, your students are greatly anticipating the closing of school and the kickoff to summer. But as the novelty of summer break wears off, many young people may find themselves feeling isolated and alone, having lost the daily interactions and social connections that school provides. Such feelings can lead to unhealthy coping behaviors (including substance abuse) and increased risk for developing depression, anxiety and other mental health problems.

In the latest addition to the TEACHable Moments series, the Know! campaign offers suggestions you can share with your students to help them make, keep and strengthen their social connections this summer.

The Know! Program is part of an Ohio-focused drug prevention initiative called Start Talking! that is designed to give adult authority figures the tools they need to help kids resist drugs. Previously presented topics, such as alcohol's effects on youth, cough syrup abuse and the link between ADHD and substance abuse, are posted on the Latest News section here. These and future TEACHable Moments topics will provide you with information to help with brief but meaningful discussions in the classroom.