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Permanent certificates with expired background checks will be inactivated beginning July 1


Educators who hold permanent certificates and permanent non-tax certificates are required by state law to update their FBI criminal background checks every five years through the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI). In addition, an updated BCI background check also is required if the certificate holder has lived outside Ohio within the past five years. Because this law was put into place five years ago, educators holding these certificates need to update the background checks when they expire this year, if they have not already done so. Educators may view the dates of their previous background checks through the Educator Profile on the department’s website at

As permitted in law, on July 1, 2014, the Ohio Department of Education will begin inactivating permanent certificates of individuals whose background checks have expired and were not updated. As a result, these educators will not be permitted to work in Ohio schools until they successfully update their background checks. It is the responsibility of permanent certificate holders and their employing school or district to ensure that criminal background checks are kept current and that educators are not working with expired background checks.

As their background checks expire, teachers should get them updated and ensure that the results are sent to the Ohio Department of Education. Many school districts have a regular WebCheck location where staff can get their fingerprints taken for this process. WebCheck locations statewide allow fingerprints to be sent immediately to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation for the fastest possible processing. Questions may be directed to, or at (614) 466-3593 or (877) 644-6338 (toll-free).

Permanent certificates, which are no longer issued, were available for qualifying teachers, administrators and pupil personnel years ago before the current educator licensure system was put into place. Educators with licenses from the current system also must update their background checks every five years.