Tools for Teachers

Tools for Teachers

FIP in Action learning modules provide practical examples by grade or subject area


As teachers transition to Ohio’s New Learning Standards, they can take their learning to the next level through the Formative Instructional Practices (FIP) in Action modules. These application modules are targeted demonstrations of FIP in specific grades and subjects that illustrate practical examples of how the core components of FIP can be integrated into the classroom. By exploring these modules, learn and see how:

  • In Math, Grade 8: A Grade 8 math teacher uses FIP to teach simultaneous equations to her classroom over a three-week time period;
  • In Math, Grade 3: A team of Grade 3 math teachers and an intervention specialist work together to meet the needs of all students and advance their use of FIP;
  • In Social Studies, Grade 7: A social studies teacher integrates English language arts, science and math into a unit, and focuses on helping his students develop critical thinking skills.
  • ELA, Grade 6: Two Grade 6 English language arts teachers collaborate to explore FIP in Argumentative Writing.
  • ELA, Grades 9-10: The four core components of FIP work together in a high school research project scenario.

These modules are free for all teachers and leaders in Ohio. To learn more about the available FIP in Action modules and enroll in the modules relevant to your teaching, click here.