Tools for Teachers

Tools for Teachers

Teachers to receive Value-Added reports on Nov. 14


The EVAAS website is releasing the 2012-2013 teacher Value-Added reports tonight (Thursday, Nov. 14). Just after the release, all teachers with reports will receive an automated email from EVAAS that will include their usernames and login information needed to access these reports.

Teachers who changed districts between the 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 school years may not be able to access their EVAAS accounts if they do not have their usernames and passwords. These accounts will be associated with the teachers’ former districts. To obtain access, TEACHERS (not the EVAAS school or district administrators) should follow instructions on the Ohio Department of Education's Value-Added Growth Measures Web page, in the document EVAAS Access for Teachers in New Districts.

Teachers who would like to learn more about Value-Added data may access online courses and other resources on the Ohio Student Progress Portal. Value-Added leaders are able to assist in interpreting or answering questions about their reports. Please click here to find the leader who serves your district. Questions about resources also may be directed to: