Tools for Teachers

Tools for Teachers

We want to know: What drug abuse prevention content and lessons are you using?


Are you an English language arts teacher of any grade level who incorporates literature and lessons about resiliency, prevention and drug abuse into your curriculum? If so, we want to hear your story.

As we continue to promote drug prevention education across the state, the Ohio Department of Education is seeking educators who have used literature and lessons with these themes that other teachers can use in English language arts classes across grade levels. For elementary students, this content typically would focus on building resiliency and making positive life choices. For middle and high school students, content would center more directly on the topics of drug abuse and prevention.

What texts have you found to be effective, and what type of lessons have you created around these subjects? What resources have helped point you in the right direction? Have you found your efforts to be effective in sparking discussion among students around these topics? What else is important for us to know?

 Email us at and help us gain a better understanding of what works in your classroom.