Tools for Teachers

Tools for Teachers

Do you know about the Code of Professional Conduct for Ohio Educators?


Because Ohio educators hold themselves to high standards, they will want to be aware of the Code of Professional Conduct for Ohio Educators. This code applies to all educators licensed by the state, including coaches, aides, teachers (including substitutes), principals, superintendents and other licensed individuals serving schools, for example school nurses, counselors and treasurers. 

The Department has prepared a video recording and a handout, posted here, to help school personnel better understand the code. The Department suggests that districts share these materials at employee orientations, staff meetings and other activities as the school year begins.

The State Board of Education adopted the Code of Professional Conduct for Ohio Educators, developed by the Educator Standards Board and the Department, in 2008. The code serves as the basis for decisions on issues of licensure consistent with law and provides a guide for conduct in situations that have professional implications for all individuals licensed by the state.