General Information: Testing

Testing information will be periodically posted on this page for the state assessments. Some information will remain the same for all administrations. Some information may be posted only for a particular administration and that will be noted. Please note which test is the subject of each article. Some articles will apply to all tests but some will be specific. The title of the article is listed below. Please click on the link to go to the article.

Accessing Rescore and Verification Results

Ohio Online Reporting Systems

Pre-ID File for OAA, OGT or OTELA

Assessment Rescores and Verifications Process for OAA, OGT and OTELA

Keyword List

Ohio Transition Document

Parent/Legal Guardian Viewing Policy

NEW Alternate Assessment User Role

Accessing Success and Ohio Online Assessment Reporting System (OOARS)

Community Schools and Change of Address

Demographic Update Request Form (DURF)

Critieria for Districts to Choose Vendor Diagnostic Assessment for Mathematics and Writing

Released PARCC Documents

OAA Translator Page

OAA School Order Worksheet

OGT Translator Page

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