9-12 District
Test Coordinator

9-12 District
Test Coordinator

Ohio English Language Proficiency Assessment (OELPA)


Returning OELPA Materials 

The district test coordinator is responsible for returning test materials to Measurement Incorporated. Scorable materials must be returned immediately after testing has been completed and responses have been entered in the Data Entry Interface. Secure non-scorable materials must be returned no later than one week after testing is complete. Districts and schools are encouraged to return materials as early as possible following testing to expedite the scoring process although this will not return results earlier than scheduled.
Pack all unused test booklets (K-1 writing tests, K-12 paper/pencil tests), used test booklets that have a DO NOT SCORE label, Directions for Administration Manuals and CDs securely in boxes. Please note the Directions for Administration Manual is secure and must be returned. The Test Administration Manual is not secure and is not required to be returned.
Pack scorable documents in the same boxes in which materials were shipped. If these boxes are not available, use sturdy boxes to return the materials. To the extent possible, do not split a grade band across boxes (e.g., all of grades 2-3 for a school should be in the same box). Refer to specific directions in the Test Coordinator Manual starting on page 34 for returning materials.

OELPA Test Window and Results 

The 2018 OELPA test window is closed. Please make sure all paper tests (K-1 writing supplement and K-12 paper/pencil tests) have been returned. Please make sure all Directions for Administration manuals have been returned. The Directions for Administration are secure and the district will be contacted if the manual has not been returned. Please note the Test Administration Manual is not secure and may be discarded.
The 2018 OELPA results will be reported on May 14. The Family Reports are scheduled for June 8.

OELPA Test Window 2019 

The 2019 OELPA test window is Feb. 4-March 29. Please mark your calendar to allow testing within the test window. The 2019 OELPA results will be reported in May with the Family Reports scheduled for June.

Screener – Operational 

The Screener is scheduled to be available in Ohio on Aug. 1, 2018. The administration window is open ended. Districts may administer the Screener at any time. Districts are not required to start screening on Aug. 1, 2018.
The Screener will be online; however, there will be a paper format for those students who are unable to use the online format. The Screener will be required for districts to administer at no cost to the district.
The Screener will be locally scored which means the districts will score the constructed-response items. All other items will be scored by machine immediately after the response has been submitted. The scores will be merged for the final score. The local scoring will ensure timely identification of English learners.
Training for local scoring will be provided by the Department and is scheduled for May and July.