9-12 District
Test Coordinator

9-12 District
Test Coordinator

Ohio Graduation Tests (OGT)


Change in OGT Participants
There will be a small number of students attending high school who will take the OGT. Starting with the fall 2017 test administration, most of the OGT will be administered to adults who have completed their high school requirements and those adults who are completing their high school requirements in an institution such as a community college. In both cases, the adults are required to have a photo ID.

Spring 2018 

Answer Document Tracking 

On April 16, districts will be able to log in to TIDE for OGT and access the Answer Docs tab for the spring 2018 OGT administration. District test coordinators can download an Excel file that includes all the answer documents that were shipped to the district and school(s), as well as each answer document’s status (e.g., returned as scorable; returned as non-scorable; Do Not Score; not returned; pending). A status of “not returned” indicates that Data Recognition Corporation has not yet processed the answer document or has not yet received the document. Districts are asked to check this report to ensure all answer documents returned for scoring were received and processed. Please contact Data Recognition Corporation if you have questions about this report: 1-877-231-7809 (press 3).


Downloadable data files for the spring 2018 OGT will be posted in the Ohio Online Assessment Reporting System on May 7 for districts that return scorable documents by March 26 and per the instructions in the manuals. Printed reports and interactive data will be available May 17 and May 21, respectively.

Summer 2018 


The summer 2018 OGT will be administered June 11-24. Summer testing is optional. Participating districts and schools do not have to offer all five tests. TIDE for OGT will be open April 23-27 for district test coordinators to indicate their intent to participate in the summer 2018 OGT administration.

Ordering Windows 

TIDE for OGT will be open April 23-27 for district test coordinators to place on-time orders for materials, all orders are subject to Department approval. Note: TIDE for OGT will not be preloaded with test material quantities. Spring 2018 OGT downloadable results will be posted in Ohio Online Assessment Reporting System on May 7. If you learn that your district will not offer summer testing after you have placed an order in TIDE for OGT, you can cancel your order by calling DRC at (1-877-231-7809, press 3) no later than May 18. The additional order window for summer will be open June 4-20 in TIDE for OGT.


Pre-ID files will be accepted in TIDE for OGT  for the summer 2018 OGT testing from May 14-18. Testers should be pre-identified under the district and school where their results should be sent.