9-12 District
Test Coordinator

9-12 District
Test Coordinator

Ohio’s State Tests – English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies


Practice Tests for 2018-2019 

Additional items have been added to the practice tests that are now live on the portal. There also are newly released item from spring 2018 tests.
Special version practice materials are available. Districts may access large print practice tests for all grades and subjects on the Student Practice Resources page of the portal. Braille practice tests are available for students who are blind and read braille. Districts may request braille practice test materials for all grades and subjects by contacting the Assistive Technology and Accessible Educational Materials Center.

Summer 2018 

High School End-of-Course Administration 

Student Results
District student results data files for the summer 2018 will be posted in the Online Reporting System Sept. 10.
Family Reports, and score report labels for those districts that made the request in TIDE by July 27, will be delivered Sept. 27.
Rescores and Verifications
Districts will have an opportunity to submit rescore and verification requests until Oct. 25. Review the guidance document for instructions.
Districts test coordinators can submit rescore requests in TIDE if they believe the student’s score does not reflect expected student achievement. There is a $25 charge for processing each rescore request unless the rescore results in a score change.

Fall 2018 

Test Administration 

Districts will schedule their 15-consecutive school day test administrations Dec. 3-Jan. 11. Make-up testing must be completed within the district’s 15-consecutive school day window. The Important Dates page on the portal includes a summary of key dates.

Pre-ID Window 

The Pre-ID window is open until Jan. 11 in TIDE under the Ohio’s State Tests 2018-2019 Administration task. Districts must Pre-ID their students who are participating in the fall 2018 administration. Remember to use the Student Pre-ID File Layout for the 2018-2019 school year.
Districts must ensure all participating students who are testing have the appropriate subject mode field set to “O” for online or “P” for paper. All students, regardless of test mode, must be pre-identified no later than Jan. 11.
Districts whose students are using paper tests and who wish to receive pre-printed Pre-ID labels must submit their Pre-ID data in TIDE by Sept. 17 under the Ohio’s State Tests 2018-2019 Administration task.  

On-time Order Window 

Districts with students testing on paper for high school tests may submit their on-time orders for all subjects in TIDE Sept. 12-17. All orders are subject to Department approval. District test coordinators will place orders under the “Paper Orders High School EOC Fall 2018” Administration task in TIDE. To access the Orders task, district test coordinators must first confirm their contact information and shipping address under the Contact Info task. District test coordinators who wish to update their shipping addresses must contact the Ohio Help Desk at 1-877-231-7809 to request a change.

Paper Materials Pick-up Window 

Districts will enter pick-up date(s) for their scorable materials for the fall 2018 test administration under the Supplemental Information task during the Sept. 12-17TIDE window. This date must be no later than one business day after the conclusion of the district’s 15-day testing window.

Score Report Labels 

Districts that wish to receive a set of high school fall 2018 Ohio’s State Tests score report labels must access the Score Report Label Requests task in the Ohio’s State Tests 2018-2019 administration in TIDE, select “Yes” and click save by Jan. 11. All districts automatically receive printed Family Reports. If your district does not want to receive score report labels, no action is required.