9-12 District
Test Coordinator

9-12 District
Test Coordinator

Ohio English Language Proficiency Screener (OELPS)


Out-of-State Transfer Student 

An enrolled student from an out-of-state district or school who did not meet the previous state’s English language exit criteria is considered an English learner in Ohio and is required to take the OELPA and the state tests. A student from an out-of-state school who met the previous state’s exit criteria is not considered an English learner in Ohio.
An enrolled student from an out-of-state school who was screened and identified as an English learner is considered an English learner in Ohio, is required to have services provided and be administered the OELPA. Ohio respects the previous state’s identification and exit process.

Paper OELPS 

The OELPS is a secure test. The OELPS is online; however, there will be a paper format for those students who are unable to use the online format. Districts with technology limitations should contact the Ohio Department of Education at statetests@education.ohio.gov to start the process to determine eligibility for an exception to online testing. Paper tests must be ordered when the enrolled students’ needs become identified.
Districts are not permitted to order multiple copies of the paper format to store until it is known that a student needs to be screened. The student responses on the paper test must be entered in the Data Entry Interface (DEI), which is the same procedure as the OELPA.

Language Usage Survey 

Ohio defines a student who is an English learner as one who has a primary or home language other than English and needs special language assistance to effectively participate in school.
Districts (including community schools) are required to identify and serve students who are English learners. The uniform process begins with the administration of Ohio’s Language Usage Survey to all new students upon registration in the school or district. After identifying potential English learners with the Language Usage Survey, schools assess these students’ English language proficiency with the OELPS. A school employee then validates the survey and assessment results to complete the identification.
The Department provides translations of Ohio’s Language Usage Survey to assist schools with the identification of potential English learners, as well as immigrant children and youth and students with limited or interrupted formal education.

Scoring the OELPS Step 3 

It is important that the test administrators read the Teacher Hand Scoring System User (THSS) Guide before starting the OELPS. In Step 3, the test administrator will hand score the speaking questions using the scoring rubric presented in the THSS. Directions for the hand scoring and the rubric are on page 7 in the THSS User Guide. Please note, the Step 3 rubrics are specific to the items, which is why the rubrics are not posted on the portal. The range of points for Step 3 items is 2-5. Step 3 hand scoring is completed after the student logs off. The test administrator must log in to the THSS. The hand and machine scores are merged for the final score.

Federal Timeline Requirement 

The federal timeline of 30 calendar days at the beginning of the school year ended. Districts have two weeks to complete the identification process for a newly enrolled student during the school year.


PowerPoint training for the OELPS is provided through Skype. Districts that would like a Skype presentation on the training may contact Paula Mahaley at paula.mahaley@education.ohio.gov.