9-12 District
Test Coordinator

9-12 District
Test Coordinator

Ohio Graduation Tests (OGT)


Summer 2017                    

Returning Materials 

All secure testing materials should have been returned to DRC. If you have any materials that need to be returned, districts will need to arrange for a UPS pick up.  Refer to the section “Returning Scorable Answer Documents” on pages 18 and 19 of the District Test Coordinator Manual.


Downloadable data files for the summer 2017 OGT will be posted in the Ohio Online Assessment Reporting System on July 24 for districts that return scorable documents by June 28 and per the instructions in the manuals. Printed score reports and interactive data will be available Aug. 21.

Rescores and Verifications 

Rescores and verifications for the summer 2017 OGT will be collected in TIDE for OGT  July 24 through Sept. 20. Requests are subject to Department approval. There is a $25 charge for each verification request. There is a $25 charge for processing each rescore request unless the rescore results in a score change.

Fall 2017                    

On-time Orders 

District test coordinators can confirm participation and order test materials and special versions (large-print and braille test booklets, language translation scripts, English audio CDs and foreign language CDs) in TIDE for OGT Aug. 21-25.


Districts whose students are taking the fall 2017 OGT and who wish to receive Pre-ID labels must submit their Pre-ID data August 21-25 in TIDE for OGT. Districts or their information technology centers must submit Pre-ID files for OGT using Ohio’s old layout. The last OGT Pre-ID file submitted for the district between Aug. 21-25 is the file from which OGT Pre-ID labels will be produced. If another Pre-ID file is uploaded into TIDE for OGT, it will overwrite all previous files.