9-12 District
Test Coordinator

9-12 District
Test Coordinator

Ohio Graduation Tests (OGT) online



Districts must Pre-ID their testers in TIDE under the Ohio’s State Tests 2018-2019 Administration task. Remember to use the 2018-2019 Pre-ID File Layout. Districts must ensure all participating individuals have the appropriate subject eligibility field (fields 879-883) set to “Y.”


The manual for the 2018-2019 OGT test administration is available for download from the Ohio Graduation Tests Resources page of the portal. The 2018-2019 OGT Test Administration Manual (OGT-TAM) must be reviewed by test coordinators and test administrators prior to the OGT administration. The OGT-TAM includes key information regarding scheduling, test security, student Pre-ID and test eligibility, staff responsibilities, test status requests and other important policies and procedures. This information is applicable to all OGT 2018 administrations, including online and paper testing.  
The OGT-TAM also includes a series of appendices that can be downloaded as part of the OGT-TAM or separately. The appendices cover important policies and procedures regarding oral translations, human read-aloud administrations, and breach administrations. The appendices also include information on test materials, material lead-times and information for test administrators on Data Entry Interface for students testing using a paper test booklet. Lastly, the appendices include a series of checklists, including the District Test Coordinator Checklist, Test Administrator Checklist and the Online Testing Highlights and Scripts.
Districts with students testing on paper also must download and review the Appendix L-Supplemental Instructions for Paper Administrations and Appendix P – Directions and Scripts for Paper Administrations. There are no answer documents for the OGT, all student response must be entered in the Data Entry Interface by the test administrator immediately after testing. The OGT Data Entry Interface User Guide is also available on the Ohio Graduation Tests Resources page of the portal.


Individual results will be available in the Online Reporting System (ORS) 30 days after the test is submitted. Districts may download and print an Individual Student Report (ISR); no printed reports for the OGT will be sent to the district.
The OGT layout for district student results data files is new this year and is available on the Ohio Graduation Tests Resources page of the portal. Please distribute this layout to all EMIS coordinators, data managers and information technology centers.

Directions for accessing district data files can be found in the Online Reporting System User Guide and the Downloading Data Files guidance document, both available in the ORS Support Documents page of the portal.

English Learners and the OGT 

The OGT three-year rule that defined what accommodations English learners may have on state tests is no longer in place. English learners in U.S. schools for any length of time are permitted English learner appropriate accommodations. For guidance about allowable accommodations on state tests, including accommodations for English learners, refer to Ohio’s Accessibility Manual, which now includes the OGT.