9-12 District
Test Coordinator

9-12 District
Test Coordinator

Alternate Assessment for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities


Ohio Learning Standards-EXTENDED (Revised September 2018) 

On Sept. 18, 2018, the State Board of Education adopted the revised grade-level Ohio’s Learning Standards-Extended for students who are assessed using the Alternate Assessment for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities (AASCD). The Ohio’s Learning Standards-Extended are specific statements of knowledge and skills linked to the expectations in Ohio’s Learning Standards. The extensions build a bridge that provides grade-level access for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities to the content of Ohio’s Learning Standards. The Ohio’s Learning Standards-Extended can be found on the Department's website.

Spring 2019 AASCD Online Practice Tests 

To differentiate the paper version of the AASCD from the online version of the AASCD, the Department is referring to the paper version as the AASCD 1.0 and the online version as the AASCD 2.0.
In preparation for the move toward online AASCD (2.0) testing, AIR released online AASCD (2.0) practice tests on Oct. 3. These practice tests are available for students and administrators on the AASCD portal via the Practice Test Site and TA Practice Site. The Practice Test Site gives students and administrators the opportunity to experience the sign-in process, navigate the online testing system, use the available tools and features, and familiarize themselves with online testing. For administrators, the TA Practice Site provides an opportunity for TAs to become familiar with the TA Interface, including setting up a test session and monitoring a student’s test progress.
The Practice Test Site and the TA Practice Site can be accessed via any supported web browser. For more information on AIR-supported web browsers, please refer to the Online Systems Requirements document available on the AASCD portal. The Practice Test Site also can be accessed via the AIR Secure Browser or Secure Test App, available for download on the AASCD Secure Browsers page. For more information regarding system requirements and installing the AIR Secure Browser or Secure Test App, refer to the Technology Resources available on the AASCD portal. A Practice Test Guidance document was released on the AASCD portal prior to Oct. 3, to provide districts with step by step directions on accessing and navigating the practice sites.
Authorized user accounts are required to log in to the TA Practice Site and setup a practice test session. If you need a user account, talk with your test coordinator. The Practice Test Site sign-in process allows for students to be logged in with their first names and SSIDs, as they are entered in TIDE. For this login option, the students also must be pre-identified in TIDE as AASCD eligible to access the AASCD practice tests for their enrolled grades. Alternatively, students can access the practice tests as guests using the pre-selected guest session options to sign in.
The AASCD 2.0 practice tests are available by individual grade and subject and consist of approximately five items per practice test. The available practice test items reflect the item types that AASCD students will be presented with in AASCD 2.0 testing. Test results are not available for AASCD practice tests.

Spring 2019 AASCD Independent Field Test 

From April 15-May 31, 2019, an independent field test (IFT) for the updated AASCD will be administered across the state. Participation in the independent field test is voluntary but will be an opportunity for alternate assessment test administrators to experience the new online format. It is highly encouraged that districts participate in the AASCD IFT, as doing so will help in the development of future online AASCD tests.
An AASCD IFT Overview is available on the AASCD portal under the Test Administration Resources. This document provides additional information to better assist districts with understanding the differences between the spring 2019 paper operational test (AASCD 1.0), the spring 2019 online IFT and the spring 2020 online operational field test (AASCD 2.0).
The spring 2019 AASCD manuals, which will include IFT information, will be available on the portal toward the end of October. Districts should look for future communications on these and other available resources for the AASCD 2.0.

Student Pre-ID for the Spring 2019 AASCD Independent Field Test 

Students who are marked in TIDE as eligible for the spring 2019 paper-based AASCD (1.0) automatically will be eligible for the spring 2019 online AASCD IFT (2.0). Participating districts will not need to take any additional steps to pre-identify an AASCD student as eligible for the IFT. Pre-ID deadlines for the AASCD are available on the Important Dates page of the AASCD portal. The Guidance Document for 2018-2019 Ohio Pre-ID Files is available on the AASCD portal. This document provides directions on how to mark students as eligible in TIDE for the AASCD. Remember to use the 2018-2019 Pre-ID layout when pre-identifying students in TIDE for the 2018-2019 school year.

Technology Preparedness for the Spring 2019 AASCD Independent Field Test 

The spring 2019 AASCD IFT will be administered online via AIR’s secure browser or AIRSecureTest app. Participating districts need to refer to the Technology Resources and the Secure Browsers pages on the AASCD portal for more information regarding installing the secure browser or AIRSecureTest app and the system requirements and technical specifications needed for online testing. Note the secure browser and app and the technology requirements are the same as those for the Ohio’s State Tests. The Department recommends a technology coordinator be identified and involved with the technology systems necessary for online testing. In participating districts, test coordinators must work with their technology coordinators to install the secure browser or AIRSecureTest app on each student’s testing device, prior to the AASCD 2.0 IFT.