Special Accommodations

With prior approval from the State GED Office, an applicant with a qualifying learning disability, ADD or ADHD, and/or a temporary or permanent mental or physical disability can qualify for accommodations when taking the GED.

At your request, the GED testing center's Chief Examiner will send you an accommodation form. When you receive these forms from the GED testing center, you must complete the applicant section and forward it to your treating certifying professional (physician, psychologist or psychiatrist) for completion. The certifying professional must complete the certifying professional's section of the form and forward it back to the originating GED testing center, with any supporting documentation attached. The GED testing center will inspect the materials for completeness and then forward all materials to the State GED Office for review. The State GED Office will issue a written response to you and to the Chief Examiner of the GED testing site, detailing whether or not any special accommodations are approved for GED testing.

Last Modified: 4/30/2013 11:13:31 AM