K-8 District Test

K-8 District Test

Key Dates


Spring 2017 Ohio’s State Tests – Grades 3 - 8

Aug.11                     Rescore and verification window closes in TIDE – grades 4-8 English language arts and grades 3-8 mathematics, science and social studies tests

Summer 2017 Ohio’s State Tests - Grade 3 English Language Arts

Aug. 28                     Downloadable and interactive results data files posted in the Online Reporting System (ORS)
Sep. 21                      Printed score reports due in district for grade 3 English language arts
Aug. 28-Oct. 12       Rescore and verification window open in TIDE 

Fall 2017 Ohio’s State Tests - Grade 3 English Language Arts

Aug. 22-Nov. 3        Pre-ID window to register all students
Aug. 22-28               On-time order window open in TIDE
Aug. 28                     Deadline to submit Pre-ID data to receive pre-printed Pre-ID labels for paper tests
Oct. 6                        On-time paper test materials and pre-printed Pre-ID labels due in district
Oct. 6-Nov. 1           Additional order window
Oct. 23-Nov. 3         Online and paper grade 3 English language arts test administration
Nov. 3                       Last day to pre-identify students participating online or on paper
Dec. 18                     Downloadable and interactive data files posted in ORS

 Fall 2017 Kindergarten Readiness Assessment

June-Oct.             State Support Team (SST) and District KRA Trainers provide KRA teacher training
Aug. 1                   Ready for Kindergarten (KReady) online system opens for KRA and Kindergarten Field Test 2017 administration

Spring 2018 Ohio English Language Proficiency Assessment (OELPA)

Feb. 5-Mar. 30    Spring 2018 OELPA administration
May 14                 Results posted to ORS

Spring 2018 Alternate Assessment for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities (AASCD)

Feb. 20-Apr. 13   Spring 2018 AASCD administration