K-8 District Test

K-8 District Test

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Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA) 2019 

Schools and districts can begin KRA administration starting the first day of school or the first day that schools and districts take attendance for students who are enrolled in kindergarten. Additionally, schools have the option to begin the administration of KRA selected response and performance task items up to two weeks prior to the first day of kindergarten. The administration window closes on Nov. 1. 

Assessment Data Manager Role 

Each participating school or district must assign an Assessment Data Manager-Preschool and Kindergarten in OEDS. To learn how to assign roles in OEDS, please see this Assigning Roles guidance document found on the OEDS webpage.

KRA Training for Kindergarten Teachers 

Kindergarten teachers who have never been trained on the KRA must successfully complete the state-required training. Kindergarten teachers who have successfully completed the KRA training anytime between 2014-2018 are not required to take any additional training to administer the KRA during the 2019-2020 school year.
The State Support Team (SST) trainers set their training schedules and enter the events in STARS. Trainings will be added throughout the summer and early fall to prepare teachers for the 2019 KRA administration. Teachers will need to register in STARS to secure a spot for training. They will find the trainings in STARS using the keyword KRA

Who can administer the KRA to students? 

Educators administer the assessment but must (1) be employed by the student’s school or district, (2) hold a valid Ohio Department of Education-issued permit, license or certificate, and (3) have successfully completed the required Kindergarten Readiness Assessment training. The Department strongly recommends that each student’s primary classroom teacher or another teacher who has regular contact with the student(s) (for example, an intervention specialist or reading specialist) administer the assessment.
Other employees of the district may provide support to teachers with assessment administration. Literacy specialists, intervention specialists, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) teachers, physical education teachers and other related services personnel who regularly work with a specific child or groups of children, would be appropriate test administrators for some or all assessment items. Individuals who do not work regularly with kindergarten students, such as retired teachers employed by districts as contractors or substitutes may administer the assessment if they meet the requirements above. The most appropriate use of these individuals as test administrators would be to have them administer only direct assessment items to students who have not been identified as students with disabilities or English learners.
District employees who hold an Ohio Department of Education-issued license, permit or certificate who have not completed the teacher training can support teachers with completing the assessments in several other ways:
  • Preparing manipulatives;
  • Teaching the class while the primary classroom teacher administers direct assessment items; and
  • Monitoring children completing technology-administered assessment items.

 KRA App Proctor 

An education support professional or untrained teacher who is an employee of the school system may serve as a KRA app proctor if he or she reviews the KRA proctor guidelines and signs a nondisclosure agreement. The role of the KRA app proctor is to sit with a student and monitor the student as he or she completes the app items. 

KRA Administration Materials 

Districts can destroy the 2014-2015 KRA administration materials because they are no longer in use. Please ensure the current KRA administration materials are securely stored, as they will be used again for the fall 2019 administration. Some schools and districts might need additional or new administration materials for next school year.
Please fill out the 2019 Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Order Form to order replacement Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Kits for trained teachers.
Blind or visually impaired students represent a wide range of sightedness. As a result, the Alternative Text Teacher Administration Manual, Tactile Graphics Assessment manual and concrete manipulatives were created to ensure accessibility for all blind or visually impaired students. Please follow the student’s instructional team recommendations for any or all supports on a student-by-student basis. Please also check the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for any accommodations and/or modifications. Please fill out the 2019 Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Alternative Text Assessment Order Form to order The Alternative Text Assessment Administration Manual and materials. 

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