K-8 District Test

K-8 District Test

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Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA) 

Securely Destroy KRA Field Test Materials

Thank you for your participation in the Ohio Kindergarten Readiness Assessment 2017 Embedded Field Test. We appreciate your expertise and support for creating improved and sustainable versions of the KRA. At the end of the fall 2017 Embedded Field Test, each teacher must account for all test materials and follow procedures for ensuring the destruction of all documentation, notes, manipulatives, booklets, manuals, etc.
Because the materials for each designated field test form were distributed to individual schools, please complete this KRA Field Test Destruction From for each school assigned to a field test form. Determine the best way to do this locally; one person per school can complete the form, or one person per district can complete the form. 

Securely store KRA kits

Please ensure your current KRA administration materials are securely stored. We will notify you in spring/summer of 2018 on the procedure for securely destroying these kits and replacing them with new kits as necessary. Please do not destroy your current KRA administration materials. 

KRA Data and Reports

You cannot enter additional or missing scores into the KReady system. Results are available in the KReady system to users with teacher, data manager and administrator accounts.
  • Scale score reports are available to data managers and administrators. Please refer to the Data Manager Site within KReady for information on how to download the scale score report.
  • The EMIS reporting window for KRA scale scores closes Feb. 2

FY18 Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Appeals 

  • The EMIS Data Appeal window is Feb. 5-14.
    • Impacted Organizations: Organizations required to administer the KRA assessment
    • Required to Approve: Superintendent (Instructions)
    • Collection(s) Included: Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Collection FY18 (2018AGOFL) 

How to Find Previous Year KRA Data

School districts can find KRA data for 2015 and 2016 in the KReady system. The KRA Data Manager Guide includes directions for retrieving data reports using the archive.
School districts can find KRA data for 2014 in the superintendent’s SAFE account in the Collaboration Center. We have provided Directions for Finding KRA Data on SAFE.
Public access to KRA data is available in the Download Data tab on the Ohio School Reports Cards page. We also have provided Directions for Finding Released Ohio KRA Data

KRA Annual Reports

KRA Annual Report 2014-2015 - This report includes results from the FY15 administration of the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment in Ohio.
KRA Annual Report 2015-2016 - This report includes results from the FY16 administration of the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment in Ohio.
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