K-8 District Test

K-8 District Test

Ohio’s State Tests (OST) – English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science


New! Middle School Students and English Language Arts I State Assessment Information 

In October, the Department released information regarding the elimination of the English language arts I state assessment for students in the class of 2023 and beyond. This information has recently been updated to address frequently asked questions regarding middle school students enrolled in a high school English language arts I course. The updated information can be found in this document. Further updates will be added to this document and communicated through the test coordinator bulletins.

Bilingual English-Spanish Toggle Function 

Beginning in the 2019-2020 school year, there is a new toggle function for the Ohio’s State Tests that allows students to switch between English and Spanish forms at the push of a button. This new function replaces the stacked format of the bilingual tests. When toggling between languages, the testing system maintains all student responses, as well as the approximate place on the page. To provide students an opportunity to use the new function, all practice tests and released test questions on all Ohio’s State Tests in mathematics and science have been updated to include the toggle function and are available for use on the portal. English language arts items are not translated. To enable the toggle function, the Language setting must be changed to “Bilingual English-Spanish” on the test settings page before beginning the test.


Fall 2019 Grade 3 English Language Arts Administration

 Discrepancy Resolution Window 

Districts will have an opportunity to resolve discrepant records in TIDE. District test coordinators must sign in to the “Ohio State Tests 2019-2020” administration of TIDE and check the Discrepancy Resolution Task to resolve any records that require resolution. Review the Discrepancy Resolution Guidance document for instructions. Districts must resolve all discrepant records. Unresolved records will not be reported.

New! Rescore and Verification Request Window 

Districts may submit rescore and verification requests in TIDE through Jan. 31. Review the Rescores and Verifications Guidance document for instructions.
A district can submit a rescore request in TIDE if it believes a student’s score does not reflect expected student achievement. There is a $25 charge for processing rescore requests unless the rescore results in a score change.
A district can submit a verification request if the following applies:

  1. The district believes the student tested and did not receive a score, or

  2. The district believes a score was incorrectly assigned to a student who took a paper test.


Spring 2020 Grade 3-8 English Language Arts, Mathematics and Science Administration

New! Pre-ID and On-time Order Window  

Districts must ensure all participating students are preidentified in TIDE in advance of the test window and have the appropriate subject mode field set to “O” for online and “P” for paper. Refer to the Guidance Document for 2019-2020 Ohio Pre-ID files for more information.
Districts whose students are using paper tests and who wish to receive printed Pre-ID labels must submit their Pre-ID data in TIDE by Feb. 3 under the Ohio’s State Tests 2019-2020 Administration task. Student test mode must be marked “P” for paper to receive a printed Pre-ID label.
Districts with students using paper for English language arts, mathematics and science tests may submit their on-time orders in TIDE Jan. 28-Feb. 3. All orders are subject to Department approval. District test coordinators will place orders under the “Paper Orders Grades 3-8 Spring 2020” Administration task in TIDE. To access the Orders task, district test coordinators must first confirm their contact information and shipping address under the Contact Info task. District test coordinators who wish to change their shipping address must contact the Ohio Help Desk at 1-877-231-7809 to request a change.
Note: The “Board Resolution – Grade 3 ELA/Math Test Booklets” will be grayed out for all districts and cannot be edited. Districts that filed a board resolution with the Department to test on paper will receive one test booklet per applicable subject for each student preidentified in TIDE as of Feb. 3. The test booklet count showing is the number of students preidentified by the district as of the prior night. Failure to preidentify grade 3 students by Feb. 3, confirm contact information or indicate a pick-up date in TIDE will result in no material shipments for board resolution districts.

New! Paper Materials Pick-Up Window  

Districts will enter pick-up date(s) for their scorable materials under the Supplemental Information task in TIDE Jan. 28-Feb. 3 for each of the spring 2020 administrations. The date must be no later than one business day after the conclusion of the district’s 15- consecutive school day testing window for the English language arts tests and no more than one day after the district’s 15- consecutive school day test window for mathematics and science tests.

New! Manuals

The spring 2020 Ohio’s State Tests Test Administration Manual (TAM) is available for download from the Administration Manuals and Guidance Documents page of the portal. The Test Administration Manual must be reviewed by test coordinators and test administrators prior to the spring 2020 test administration. The Test Administration Manual includes key information regarding scheduling, test security, student Pre-ID and test eligibility, staff responsibilities, test status requests and other important policies and procedures. This information is applicable to all spring 2020 test administrations, including students testing online and on paper. 
The Test Administration Manual also includes a series of appendices that can be downloaded as part of the Test Administration Manual or separately. The appendices cover important policies and procedures regarding oral translations, human read-aloud administrations, calculator policies and breach administrations. The appendices also include documents such as the Test Incident Guidance Document and Special Testing Scenarios Guidance Document. Lastly, the appendices include a series of checklists, including the District Test Coordinator Checklist, Test Administrator Checklist and the Online Testing Highlights and Script
The Supplemental Instructions for Paper Testing manual will be available for download by early February. The Supplemental Instructions for Paper Testing includes policies and procedures specific to paper testing, such as important dates, distributing paper test materials, test-day procedures, oral scripts, returning test materials and more.