K-8 District Test

K-8 District Test

2021 Spring English Language Arts, Mathematics and Science Tests


New! Spring 2021 Test Administration

Preparations for the spring test administration are proceeding on schedule. Districts will schedule their fifteen-consecutive school-day test administration for English language arts March 22-April 23, and their fifteen-consecutive school-day test administration for mathematics and science March 29-May 7. Make-up testing must be completed within the district’s fifteen consecutive school-day windows.
Traditionally, “consecutive school days” has been considered as “days when school is in session.” In order to provide flexibility, the Ohio Department of Education (Department) is clarifying the fifteen-consecutive school day requirement for the spring 2021 test administrations.  
  • Hybrid Models: In hybrid models, a district may determine that a “consecutive school day” could apply when students are physically present in the building. Days when students are attending remotely will not count toward the fifteen-consecutive days. This flexibility may be applied to each cohort. For example, if the district has a Cohort A attending school Monday and Tuesday, and Cohort B attending school Thursday and Friday, with alternating Wednesdays, Cohort A may have a fifteen-consecutive school day window, and Cohort B may also have a separate fifteen-consecutive school day window, only counting the days where the students are physically present in the building. 
  • Remote Models: Districts are encouraged to establish a fifteen-consecutive day window to test students learning remotely to the extent possible. Students who are attending school remotely will only have days counted when students are in the buildings to test. This window may be different from students attending school in-person or through a hybrid model.

New! Pre-ID Window

The Pre-ID window is open in TIDE under the Ohio’s State Tests 2020-2021 administration. Districts and schools must Pre-ID their students who are participating in the spring 2021 test administration with the appropriate subject mode field set to “O” for online or “P” for paper.
Districts and schools whose students are using paper tests and who wish to receive printed Pre-ID labels must set the subject mode field to “P” and submit their Pre-ID data in TIDE by Feb. 1.

New! On-Time Order Window

The On-time Order window will be open in TIDE Jan. 26-Feb. 1. District test coordinators will place orders under the “Paper Orders Grades 3-8 Spring 2021” test administration in TIDE. All orders are subject to Department approval.
To access the Orders task, district test coordinators must
  1. Confirm their contact information and shipping addresses under the Contact Info task. District test coordinators who wish to update their shipping addresses must contact the Ohio Help Desk at 1-877-231-7809 to request a change.
  2. Enter their pick-up dates for scorable materials under the Supplemental Information task and click [SAVE] in order to have an automatic pick-up date scheduled. If they do not know their pick-up date, they should leave the date blank and click [SAVE]. They then will need to schedule a UPS pickup following the instructions in the Supplemental Instructions for Paper Testing manual.
  3. In the Search for Orders section click [Search] and enter the quantity requested for the appropriate school and subject and click [SAVE]. Then enter a reason for the requested materials in the Comments box that will appear. 
Note: The “Board Resolution – Grade 3 ELA Test Booklets” and the “Board Resolution – Grade 3 Math Test Booklets” will be grayed out for all districts and cannot be edited. Districts that filed local school board resolutions with the Department to test on paper will receive one test booklet for each student preidentified in TIDE as of Feb. 1. The test booklet count shown is the number of students preidentified by the district as of the prior night. Failure to preidentify grade 3 students by Feb. 1, confirm contact information, click [SAVE] in the Supplemental Information task or click [Search] in the Search for Orders section in TIDE will result in no material shipments for board resolution districts.

New! Score Report Labels

The window for districts to request a set of spring 2021 Ohio’s State Tests score report labels is Jan. 26-May 7. To request labels, the district test coordinator must access the Score Report Label Requests task in the Ohio State Tests 2020-2021 administration in TIDE, select “Yes” and click save. All districts automatically receive printed Family Reports.