K-8 District Test

K-8 District Test

Ohio English Language Proficiency Assessment (OELPA)


OELPA Results 

Reclassification Date
The OELPA results were posted in the Online Reporting System on May 15. The OELPA scores need to be reported separately from the reclassification, but both need to be reported in EMIS. The collection for scores will close on July 14, 2017. The reclassification collection will close on July 28, 2017. If there are questions, please discuss them with your EMIS coordinator.
There have been questions on the date to be listed in EMIS when a student is reclassified as no longer an English learner. There may be some confusion on a specific date due to last year’s very unusual timeline to report OELPA 2016 results. The first year of OELPA required standards to be set, which delayed the results. A specific date was given, Nov. 9-11, to make sure the results were reported before the 2017 reporting window opened. Giving a specific date for reclassification was very unusual and only done for the 2016 OELPA.
The term “Expired” was listed for some individual student results. This was an error that AIR has corrected. If there are still any results listed as “Expired,” please contact the Ohio Help Desk 877.231.7809 or ohhelpdesk@air.org.
No rescores
There are no rescore or verification requests available for the OELPA.

OELPA Test Window 2018 

The 2018 OELPA test window is Feb. 5 – March 30. Please plan your calendar for next year to allow testing within the test window. Waiting until the last week of the test window to administer the OELPA will jeopardize a student’s opportunity to test when unexpected incidents occur. There are no extensions to the OELPA test window.

Screener – Operational 

The state screener will be available in school year 2018-2019. Training will be provided through Skype, WebEx and the manuals. Each district will follow the same procedure as before for its screener choice in school year 2017-2018.

Exit Criteria 

Please note, the exit criteria for the OELPA is not connected to the exit criteria for the OTELA. The OTELA is no longer being administered. The OTELA scores are not to be used with OELPA.
Under OELPA, the English learner will exit the program when an overall level of Proficient has been attained. The overall Proficient means 4’s and 5’s on the four domains/tests (reading, speaking, writing and listening). For example, the levels could be 4455 or 4555 or 4444 or 5555 and so on. There are no “holding” levels or scores from one year to the next until a goal has been achieved. Each English learner’s status will be reviewed each year based on the OELPA results. An English learner this year and succeeding years will exit based only on the OELPA results.
The three overall performance levels are: Proficient, Emerging and Progressing. The performance levels are determined as follows:
  • Proficient means a student scored any combination of level 4’s and 5’s on the four tests – Exit;                       
  • Progressing means a student scored a combination of levels on the four tests that did not allow the student to be considered Proficient or Emerging – No exit; and
  • Emerging means a student scored any combination of level 1’s and 2’s on the four tests – No exit.