K-8 District Test

K-8 District Test

Ohio’s State Tests – English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science


Practice Tests 

New item release tests will be available in the Practice Test Site by the end of July. Look for additional details in a future communication.

Spring 2018 

Student Results 

District student results data files for spring 2018 for those students who tested online or whose scorable documents were returned to DRC according to the instructions in the manual have been posted in the Online Reporting System (ORS). Results for students who tested using a breach form will be posted in ORS in early July. Records that require discrepancy resolution will be reported after the records are resolved in TIDE.
Family reports and score report labels for those districts that requested labels in TIDE by May 11, will be delivered by July 25.

Discrepancy Resolution Window 

Districts will have an opportunity to resolve discrepant records in TIDE. District test coordinators must sign in to the “Ohio State Tests 2017-2018” administration of TIDE and check the Discrepancy Resolution Task to resolve any records that require resolution. Review the guidance document for instructions. Districts must resolve all discrepant records. Unresolved records will not be reported.

Rescores and Verifications Window 

Districts have an opportunity to submit rescore and verifications requests in TIDE until July 27. Review the guidance document for instructions.
District test coordinators can submit rescore requests in TIDE if they believe the student’s score does not reflect expected student achievement. There is a $25 charge for processing rescore requests unless the rescore results in a score change.
District test coordinators can submit verification requests if (1) the district believes the student tested and did not receive a score, or (2) the district believes a score was incorrectly assigned to a student. Verification requests only apply to students who took paper tests. Review the guidance document for instructions for submitting verification requests in TIDE.

Summer 2018 

Grade 3 English Language Arts Administration 

Test Administration 

The summer 2018 grade 3 English language arts administration is July 9-13.  Summer testing is optional. Students, schools and districts may elect to participate or not participate. The summer 2018 administration is an online test administration. Grade 3 English language arts paper tests are only available for specific situations. Refer to the Requesting Exceptions to Online Testing article in the OST, OELPA and AASCD section in this bulletin.


Districts testing online must ensure all grade 3 participating students are pre-identified in TIDE in advance of the test window and have the English language arts grades 3-8 test mode field set to “O” for online or “P” for paper. Refer to the Guidance Document for 2017-2018 Ohio Pre-ID Files for more information.

Paper Test Materials and Additional Order Window 

Test materials will be delivered July 2 to those districts that ordered paper test materials by May 25.  The additional order window will be open July 2-11.  Districts must return all scorable materials no later than one business day after the conclusion of their testing. Districts need approval for paper tests.


Digital copies of the summer Test Administration Manual and the Supplemental Instructions for Paper Testing are posted on the portal.

Secure Browser for Summer Testing 

The secure browser used for spring 2018 online testing should continue to be used for summer testing. Refer to the secure browsers page and technology coordinators page for more information. If your district elects to install the new secure browser when it is released in July, it also may be used with summer testing.

Score Report Labels 

Districts that wish to receive a set of grade 3 English language arts tests summer 2018 Ohio’s State Tests score report labels must access the Score Report Label Requests task in the Ohio State Tests 2017-2018 administration in TIDE, select “Yes” and click save by July 13. All districts automatically receive printed Family Reports. If your district does not want to receive score report labels, no action is required.