K-8 District Test

K-8 District Test

Ohio English Language Proficiency Assessment (OELPA)


Spring 2018 OELPA On-Time Order Window for Paper Materials 

There is much confusion regarding the Nov. 3 date given at the TESOL conference last month. There were mixed dates given and we would like to correct the information.
There is no deadline of Nov. 3 for registration for students taking OELPA.
Students may be registered to take OELPA up to the first day of testing. Student information needs to be added to TIDE by the end of the test window.  Student information needs to be in TIDE to test online.
The on-time paper order window is Nov. 13 – 17.  The deadline of Nov. 17 refers to the pre-printed labels. Districts that would like to have the pre-printed labels need to place their order no later than Nov. 17. The K-12 paper/pencil tests, the K-1 writing paper supplement (used with the online test) and large print need to be ordered during the order window. If a district misses the Nov. 13 -17 paper order window, it may order during the additional order window Jan. 22 – Mar. 26, 2018. Braille must be ordered through the Ohio Help Desk ohhelpdesk@air.org or 877.231.7809.
District test coordinators will access the “Paper Orders OELPA Spring 2018” administration in TIDE to complete order related tasks.

Domain Exemptions 

Domain exemptions are available for the 2017-2018 school year on the Ohio English Language Proficiency Assessment (OELPA). Districts mark the domain exemption for each student through TIDE registration. The domain exemption must be marked prior to the start of the test. The student will not see the exempted test. Please see the TIDE User Guide for instructions on manually editing or uploading test settings.
Districts may exempt students from no more than three of the four domains on the OELPA if the student’s disability is such that the student cannot participate in the stated domain per the individualized education program (IEP) or 504 plan with existing accommodations. Like accommodations, the domain exemption must be documented on the IEP or 504 plan to be allowed. For example, students with hearing impairments could be exempt from taking the listening domain test; a nonverbal student could be exempt from taking the speaking domain test.
Students will receive an overall designation of Proficient if they receive 4’s and/or 5’s on all non-exempt domains. Students cannot receive an overall designation of Proficient if any domain is untested in the absence of a valid exemption or invalidated after testing. Additional information will be included in the Directions for Administration Manual.

OELPA Test Window 2018 

The 2018 OELPA test window is Feb. 5-Mar. 30. Please plan your calendar for next year to allow testing within the test window. Waiting until the last week of the test window to administer the OELPA will jeopardize a student’s opportunity to test when unexpected incidents occur. There are no extensions to the OELPA test window.
The 2018 OELPA results will be reported on May 14, 2018.

Screener – Operational 

The state screener will be available in school year 2018-2019. Training will be provided through Skype, WebEx and the manuals during the 2017-2018 school year. Each district will follow the same procedure as before for its screener choice in school year 2017-2018.