K-8 District Test

K-8 District Test

NEW! Early Learning Assessments


Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA)

Public districts and schools will continue to administer the current KRA. Senate Bill 216 did not eliminate or require changing the KRA. The bill, in Section 5, does require the Early Childhood Comprehensive Assessment Advisory Group, by Sept. 1st, 2019, to study and make recommendations on ways to improve the use and administration of the assessment.

NEW! Securely store KRA kits

Please do not destroy your current KRA administration materials. Please ensure your current KRA administration materials are securely stored. Ordering for the 2019 fall administration will open in May 2019 for obtaining replacement Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Kits for trained teachers.

NEW! Individual Student Reports (ISRs)

Individual Student Reports (ISRs) are for each kindergarten student’s KRA results. The results are displayed to show the student’s overall performance and area performance in the four areas of a students’ development and learning: language and literacy, mathematics, social skills, and physical development and well-being. Each child’s ISR includes a score for each area as well as an overall score. The results of the assessment provide teachers with information to help them guide children in their learning and development.
All KRA ISRs are found in the KReady system.  We will not be sending out paper copies to the districts.  Data Managers and Teachers with a KReady account have access to the ISRs for their students. Please share the KRA ISRs with parents in a way that makes the most sense for your school. For example, your school can mail the report to the student’s home or provide it during a parent-teacher conference.
You may find it beneficial to review and share the KRA Individual Student Report Explanation guidance document found here. The explanation document, as well as the ISR, are resources to help understand the overall scores and the performance levels.

NEW! Review Language and Literacy Scale Score Reports

The KRA Language and Literacy area may be used to meet the requirement of a reading diagnostic for the Third Grade Reading Guarantee if a district uses the KRA. The Language and Literacy Scale Score Reports are available to data managers now. You can generate the scale score within that domain for any student with all Language and Literacy items completed and entered in KReady. Language and Literacy is the only area with the on-track and not on-track levels. You will see levels that will help identify which students need support in reading right now. Scores of 263 or higher are on-track. Scores of 262 or lower are not on-track. Refer to the Third Grade Reading Guarantee Guidance Manual to learn more.

NEW! Scale Score Reports

All students with scores reported in the KReady system will receive an overall scaled score, domain scores, and an Individual Student Report. Scaled Score Reports, including the overall scaled score and performance level data, are now available.
The following table explains how scores are reported based upon item completion.
Item Status Scores Reported Reporting Categories
Students who complete all items. Overall score
Domain scores (with error band) for each domain.
Status = Complete
Demonstrating, Approaching, and
Students with one or more “Not Scorable” items. Overall score
Domain scores (with error band) for each domain.
Status = Complete with NS
Demonstrating, Approaching, and
Students with one or more items missing. Overall score
Domain scores (with error band) for each domain.
Status = Some items were not complete
Demonstrating, Approaching, and
Student who are missing all items. No overall score
No domain scores
Status = All items were not complete
Did Not Participate.
The scale score report includes all students in your district with each individual item score, KRA overall scores, and domain scores. This is the report that gets downloaded from the Ready for Kindergarten Online (KReady) system and uploaded to EMIS. This report is available to those users who have a district admin/data manager role within the KReady system. The KRA Scale Score Report Definition of Fields found on this page here is a document that outlines and describes each of the data fields in the KRA Scale Score Report. 
A how-to document on accessing the KRA district scale score reports has been posted to the Data Guidelines site. Some students might have missing scores on the scale score report. When your district reports to EMIS, you will have to enter three asterisks (***) for each data element that you are supposed to enter for the KRA and then you will choose a reason for why the student was not assessed. The section, Student Assessment Record, in the EMIS manual, lists valid reasons.  Reason F fits any case where a student does not receive a score from the KReady system either because the teacher did not enter the scores or because of a technical issue in the system.

NEW! New kindergarten students enrolled after Nov. 1

Do not administer the KRA to students who transferred or enrolled in your school or district after Nov. 1.  Do not try to load these students in KReady either. If the student was enrolled in a school or district and administered the KRA previously and results entered in KReady by the previous district, please follow your local procedures to request student records. If you receive a records request from a school or district for a student for which you have the Point of Authority in KReady, please follow your local procedures to provide the Individual Student Report (ISR) to the requesting district. 
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